The Predictive Event Return Calculator (PERC)

The calculator is a tool to enable you to get a meaningful view of how your current corporate event strategy is scoring against a number of event based variables. The model will provide an indicative view of the value of £1 of your event spend and how well it is working to optimise the customer experience for your company. The results are underpinned by:

Please answer the questions below in order for us to calculate your score.

  • Q1.

    What is your estimated annual spend on events and corporate hospitality or for a specific event?

  • Q2.

    What is your average ratio of staff to customers at your event(s)?

  • Q3.

    How many of your invites/delegates on average drop out before an event?

  • Q4.

    How do you select a supplier for your events?
    Do you ...

  • Q5.

    Which category does your corporate hospitality strategy fall into on a scale of 1-5?
    1 = something we have to do and with little planning involved
    5 = something we monitor closely and spend a considerable amount of time and effort on organising and reviewing to attract and retain clients

  • Q6.

    How quickly do you generally send the invitations out to customers for your event(s)?

  • Q7.

    On a scale of 1 to 5, how do you rate the quality of your customers attending your event(s)?
    1= poor (unlikely to produce any business of any kind)
    5 = excellent (business a certainty and of high value)

  • Q8.

    How do you organise an event?
    Do you ...